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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bios Life Slim

Have you heard about Bios Life Slim?  It's an all natural product that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Bios Life is a patented, clinically proven, natural solution to the world's leading health problems.
About Bios Life
Bios Life is a unique and patented formula of naturally derived ingredients.  When taken as a drink, Bios Life forms a fiber matrix in the digestive system. This fiber matrix envelops nutrients and sugars as they are consumed, releasing them to the body at a natural rate. This revolutionary breakthrough provides the following health benefits:
• Clinically proven to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol
• Clinically proven to increase good (HDL) cholesterol
• Balances blood sugar levels
• Eliminates energy spikes and crashes
• Aids in weight management
• Promotes healthy digestive function
• Strengthens the immune system
• Decreases triglyceride levels
• Cleanses the colon

Thousands of health care and medical professionals around the world have helped millions of people improve their health with this safe and scientifically proven natural solution to many of the world’s leading health problems.

I bought into the franchise about 2 weeks ago, I have lost approx. 1 pound per week!  That in itself is pretty exciting, I really don't need to lose a whole lot of weight, but I do need to get my cholesterol down.  I have inherited bad cholesterol and hope to fix it while I'm still young (smile).  After being on Bios Life Slim for 6 weeks my mom, who has hereditary high cholesterol as well and has been on meds for years without much success, just went to the Dr. yesterday.  She called me with the great news that her cholesterol levels, both good and bad have become almost normal....AMAZING!  Next step for her is to get off the meds, for me, it's to never need them in the first place!

My sister has been using Bios Life Slim for about 4 weeks and is beginning to look downright awesome, she has lost some serious weight as well as inches!

Now....if I have your interest, head on over to the official website...BUT if you'd like to order, or buy into the franchise please, please send me an email, or use my franchise # when ordering: #110608601

Best wishes

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