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Monday, May 16, 2011

TheraBreath Probiotics Review

Have you heard of TherBreath Products?  A few months back I had the opportunity to review their toothpaste, oral rinse and lozenges...and fell in love with them all!
Just recently I was asked to review the all new TheraBreath Probiotics and jumped at the chance to try some more of these wonderful products.

After six years of research and development with partners at BLIS Technologies and Otago University of New Zealand, TheraBreath is proud to announce the release of TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotics, the first probiotic product developed with BLIS K12 and M18 probiotic strains to effectively target hostile bacteria in the oral cavity and throat. With benefits ranging from helping to
relieve inner ear infections and sore throats to helping to prevent cavities, biofilm, and tooth staining the effects of this product on the oral health of the nation will be substantial and long lasting.

Probiotics have gained increasing popularity in the U.S. in recent years with applications primarily targeting non-specific digestive health. TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotics are part of a new generation of probiotics that are far more sophisticated in terms of their benefits. The BLIS probiotic strains used in this new TheraBreath product were discovered to be naturally occuring in
the oral cavities of a very small percentage of children who showed a natural resistance to cavities, sore throats, ear aches and bad breath. What is remarkable about the BLIS strains is that they selectively target hostile bacteria responsible for various oral cavity related illnesses while allowing beneficial oral flora to remain intact. This prevents comprimising your body’s natural immunity to disease, which can sometimes happen after antiobiotic treatments.

I love the Multi-Symptom Probiotic Oral Health Care, it was a bit putsy to use, you need to dissolve a packet of powder, swish it around, then gargle as well, but WOW it leaves you feeling fresh and clean.  I just had a dentist visit last week and they asked about my products, when I told them I've been using Dr. Katz products they were quite impressed and said my teeth looked great...that's always pleasant to hear when sitting in the chair on an incline at the dentist!

You are supposed to use the Probiotics for one week each month, I have not used it long enough to know of any long time effects but for now, my mouth feels clean, fresh, and healthy!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the condition of our teeth are a part of our overall health...I love Therabreath products, they are definitely worth a try! 


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